New in SketchUp Pro 6

New in SketchUp Pro 6


  • LayOut: Application for presenting your SketchUp models.
  • PhotoMatch: Your 3D model from a photo, placing your model in a photo or project a photo on your model.
  • Styles Manager: New sketchy-edge styles and easily editable library for all your styles.
  • Background images and Watermarks: Place a background behind your design or your logo as a watermark in front of it.
  • Fog: Place fog in your model to create an atmosphere or depth. You have the control over the depth, tranparency, color and transation to create your own atmosphere!
  • 3D text: Put in your text and drag it into 3D or use it as 2D with the contours of the text.


  • LayOut:用于展示SketchUp模型的应用程序。
  • PhotoMatch:从照片中获取3D模型,将模型放在照片中或在模型上投影照片。
  • 样式管理器:新的粗略边缘样式和易于编辑的库,适用于所有样式。
  • 背景图片和水印:在您的设计或徽标背后放置一个背景作为水印。
  • 雾:在模型中放置雾以创建大气或深度。 您可以控制深度,透明度,颜色和转换,营造自己的氛围!
  • 3D文本:放入文本并将其拖动到3D中,或者将其用作文本轮廓的2D。

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