好吧,这是一个总结,伙计们!带着感性的点头,让我们回顾一下2021年的亮点。对于初学者,我们推出了第一个公开测试版SketchUp for iPad。从我们收到的初步反馈来看,使用 iPad 进行移动设计将改变我们许多用户的工作流程。SketchUp Studio具有实时和逼真的渲染功能(V-Ray)以及将点云数据导入建模环境(Scan Essentials)的功能……

Well, that’s a wrap, folks! With a sentimental nod, let’s look back at the highlights of 2021. For starters, we launched our very first public beta, SketchUp for iPad. From the initial feedback we’ve received, designing on the go with iPad will be a game-changer for many of our users' workflows. SketchUp Studio bulked up with real-time and photorealistic rendering capabilities (V-Ray) and the ability to import point cloud data into your modeling environment (Scan Essentials). We also did an extreme makeover on SketchUp Campus, SketchUp tools (can we get three cheers for standardization!), 3D Warehouse (hello, dark mode), enhanced account management, and a lot more! All year, the SketchUp team worked hard to fulfill our goal of delivering intuitive, robust software that makes your heart twang with joy, or at least jives with your design workflow. 

Sit back, process all the highs of 2021, and get stoked for 2022. 

好吧,这是一个总结,伙计们!带着感性的点头,让我们回顾一下2021年的亮点。对于初学者,我们推出了第一个公开测试版SketchUp for iPad。从我们收到的初步反馈来看,使用 iPad 进行移动设计将改变我们许多用户的工作流程。SketchUp Studio具有实时和逼真的渲染功能(V-Ray)以及将点云数据导入建模环境(Scan Essentials)的功能。我们还在SketchUp Campus,SketchUp工具(我们可以为标准化获得三声欢呼!),3D Warehouse(你好,黑暗模式),增强的帐户管理等等方面进行了极端的改造!整个一年,SketchUp团队都在努力实现我们的目标,即提供直观,强大的软件,让您的心充满喜悦,或者至少与您的设计工作流程相吻合。


A robust SketchUp Studio |一个强大的SketchUp工作室


We evolved the Studio offering to make it even more of an asset to Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) professionals — V-Ray and Scan Essentials are part of the package! Have you created a stunning rendering with V-Ray or a model based on a point cloud import? Tag us on Instagram #sketchup3D and follow @sketchup_official for a chance to get your work featured. 

我们改进了 Studio 产品,使其对建筑、工程和施工 (AEC) 专业人员来说更具影响力 — V-RayScan Essentials是该软件包的一部分!您是否使用 V-Ray 或基于点云导入的模型创建了令人惊叹的渲染?在Instagram#sketchup3D上标记我们,并关注@sketchup_official,有机会让您的作品脱颖而出。

Studio in the classroom|教室里的工作室


SketchUp Studio went to its first year at college with a jubilant welcome from the education team. SketchUp Studio for Higher Education provides a design program that is both creative for students and powerful enough for administrators and professors. The offering delivers ease of deployment and management with A+ changes to the account management portal, convenient tiered pricing, and broader access to SketchUp’s core suite of products. 

SketchUp Studio在教育团队的热烈欢迎下进入了大学的第一年。SketchUp Studio for Higher Education提供了一个设计程序,既对学生有创意,又对管理人员和教授来说足够强大。该产品通过对帐户管理门户的A +更改,方便的分层定价以及对SketchUp核心产品套件的更广泛访问,提供了易于部署和管理的便利性。

SketchUp for every grade level|每个年级的草图


In 2021, we created fresh content for K-12 teachers to use in their classrooms (as we do every year). Other SketchUp for Schools updates included personalized shortcuts and custom trackpad controls — all the features students need to ace their 3D modeling classes! 

2021 年,我们为 K-12 教师创建了在课堂上使用的新鲜内容(就像我们每年所做的那样)。其他 SketchUp for Schools 更新包括个性化快捷方式和自定义触控板控件 - 学生在 3D 建模课程中所需的所有功能!

Stroll around Campus|在校园里漫步


Our training platform, SketchUp Campus, got a new look in 2021. Our goal was to expand the scope and availability of learning materials, and offer an easy way to track your course progress. Ready to master new 3D modeling tricks in the new year? Head over to the sleek new site for the courses and training you need to make your designs sparkle that bit more.

我们的培训平台 SketchUp Campus 在 2021 年焕然一新。我们的目标是扩大学习材料的范围和可用性,并提供一种简单的方法来跟踪您的课程进度。准备好在新的一年里掌握新的3D建模技巧了吗?前往时尚的新网站,参加所需的课程和培训,使您的设计更加闪耀。

3D Warehouse is easier on the eyes|3D仓库更易于观看


SketchUp introduced a new way of viewing 3D Warehouse models — dark mode! The high contrast look will make your 3D assets pop on screen and reduce eye strain. If you haven’t already gone over to the dark side, give it a whirl

SketchUp引入了一种查看3D仓库模型的新方式 - 黑暗模式!高对比度的外观将使您的3D资产在屏幕上弹出并减少眼睛疲劳。如果您还没有进入黑暗面,请给它一个旋风

Spring cleaning for SketchUp tools|SketchUp工具的春季清理


With this release, we improved the consistency of how modeling works from tool to tool within the SketchUp ecosystem, increased workflow efficiency, and made SketchUp’s more nuanced functionality more accessible. Hip, hip, hooray!

在此版本中,我们改进了 SketchUp 生态系统中工具之间建模工作的一致性,提高了工作流程效率,并使 SketchUp 更细致入微的功能更易于访问。嘻嘻哈哈,嘻嘻哈哈!

Fancy-pants account management|花式裤子帐户管理


SketchUp is famed for its user-friendly interface and ability to help you to capture complex design ideas simply. We recognize that for every architect and engineer using SketchUp, behind-the-scenes administrators are deploying and managing the software. The 2021 updates to the Trimble account management portal help software and IT managers get their work done faster and easier. 

SketchUp以其用户友好的界面和帮助您简单地捕捉复杂设计理念的能力而闻名。我们认识到,对于每个使用 SketchUp 的架构师和工程师,幕后管理员都在部署和管理该软件。Trimble 帐户管理门户的2021 年更新可帮助软件和 IT 经理更快、更轻松地完成工作。

SketchUp for iPad (beta)


We couldn’t be more excited about the beta start to a glorious union between SketchUp & iPad! With support for Apple Pencil, multi-touch, and mouse and keyboard, you can harness the power of 3D by drawing, swiping, and clicking your way to a fabulous model. A massive round of applause to our beta users, whose feedback has helped shape the future of this tool. If you are participating in the beta, make sure to show off your work using the hashtag #SketchUp4iPad on Instagram for a chance to get featured.

我们对SketchUp和iPad之间辉煌的联合的测试版开始感到无比兴奋!借助对 Apple Pencil、多点触控、鼠标和键盘的支持,您可以通过绘制、滑动和单击来获取出色的模型,从而利用 3D 的强大功能。我们的测试版用户获得了热烈的掌声,他们的反馈帮助塑造了这个工具的未来。如果您正在参加测试版,请务必使用Instagram上的标签#SketchUp4iPad来展示您的作品,以便有机会获得推荐。

Extensions on fleek|在摇粒绒上扩展


Have you ever dreamed of creating your own SketchUp extension? If so, there’s not a better time for you to join our community of developers. We released a list of best practices to help you create valuable, sharp-looking extensions as well as a sharp-looking, Trimble UI style guide.

你有没有想过创建自己的SketchUp扩展?如果是这样,那么现在是您加入我们的开发人员社区的最佳时机。我们发布了一个最佳实践列表,以帮助您创建有价值的,外观清晰的扩展以及外观清晰的Trimble UI风格指南

For your viewing and listening pleasure|为了您的观看和聆听乐趣

SketchUp provides software, but we are so much more than that. We, and our community, are passionate about seeing you succeed; just check our forums and see! We are dedicated to fostering a forward-thinking design community where professionals and hobbyists can come together around the shared experience of 3D modeling. Take in all of 2021’s top-notch, on-demand learning content delivered by ourselves and more importantly your peers — interior designers, architects, and engineers. 

  1. The Fireside Chat series; pick from season two episodes
  2. [Webinar] Architectural design: evolve your workflow
  3. [Webinar] Designing highly-sustainable buildings
  4. [Webinar] Delivering great interiors

Hopefully, some of this content inspires you and makes you chuckle – or chortle. Though, we can almost guarantee a full-out belly laugh at the punny jokes Aaron and Matt make on the new podcast, Donuts, Debate & Design. You can listen to it here if you missed any episodes. 


  1. 炉边聊天系列;从第二季剧集中选择
  2. [网络研讨会]架构设计:改进您的工作流程
  3. [网络研讨会]设计高度可持续的建筑
  4. [网络研讨会]提供出色的内饰

希望其中一些内容能激发你的灵感,让你咯咯笑 - 或合唱。不过,我们几乎可以保证,在Aaron和Matt在新播客《甜甜圈,辩论与设计》(Donuts, Debate & Design)上开的俏皮笑话时,我们会大笑。如果您错过了任何一集,可以在这里收听

Don’t have SketchUp yet? |还没有 SketchUp?

Start 2022 off right with a SketchUp subscription, and get access to the latest and greatest functionality in our ecosystem. You’ll be producing marvelous models in no time. Not sure which offering is the best fit for your needs? Try our whole suite of tools* in our free 30-day trial.

通过SketchUp 订阅开始 2022 年,即可访问我们生态系统中最新、最强大的功能。您将立即制作出出色的模型。不确定哪种产品最适合您的需求?在我们的 30 天免费试用版中试用我们的整套工具*。

*不包括 Sefaira,某些工具仅供 Windows 用户使用。



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