有不少的SketchUp爱好者关心Thea最新版本3.X版本什么时候发布?其实我也是非常关心这个问题。目前来从Thea官方网站收集到的信息来看,我猜测Thea for SketchUp2.2应该是不会再更新版本号来支持SketchUp2021了,而是会直接发布Thea3.X来针对SketchUp2021,而且会有一些重料,猜测不久的将来要发布新版本了……



Thea will support the new RTX cards but not on v2.2.


We can’t reveal a release date, but we’re in the final steps. The new version is coming soon.

我们无法透露发布日期,但我们处于最后步骤。 新版本即将推出。


Well, as a beta tester I sadly cannot say much about the future release , but I’ve tested the latest Vray version VS Thea 3, and well, Vray 5 is nowhere as cool as it seems in their demos… I’m not acting here as a Thea fanboy, honestly. I was really attracted by Vray latest release, but after some tests (especially on the RTX 3090), it’s not delivering as much fun and ease of use as it seems.

好吧,作为一个Beta测试人员,我很难对将来的版本说太多,但是我已经测试了最新的Vray版本VS Thea 3,而且,Vray 5并不像他们的演示中那么酷…我老实说,我不是在这里扮演Thea迷。 Vray最新版本确实吸引了我,但是经过一些测试(尤其是RTX 3090上的测试),它并没有带来看上去那么有趣和易于使用的功能。

They are really good at doing sweet promos videos, but in a production situation, there are still a lot of bugs and issues. It sure as a lot of nice points (mat library, tons of procedurals, nice options in the frame buffer)


– export is not really fast and often a bit buggy.
– they are still not supporting sketchup custom colors in material (reaaallly annoying)
– Optix is poorly implemented
– GPU rendering is still rather slow
– The Vray realtime is a bit of a joke. It does not displays any GI or reflection, it’s just a kind of videogame preview, with a bit more effect than SU one, but not usable to do any rendering.
… In general, I find it harder to get a nice photorealistic result right out of the box in Vray than in Thea.


I too am a bit annoyed by the lack of communication on the next version, but we (beta testers) are pushing hard the developers to deliver a great new version (and so far not loosing faith !)




SU2021 support will come with the next major release.


V3 is around the corner. I have a deadline, so really please excuse me, but I will not write a lot.

V3指日可待。 我有最后期限,所以请您原谅,但我不会写太多。

I want it out as much as you would like to work with it. We have put a lot of effort in it. I like it a lot and really prefer it over 2.x.

我想尽可能多地使用它,就像您想使用它一样。 我们付出了很多努力。 我非常喜欢它,并且真的比2.x更喜欢它。

All of you, who have Lease license will get it as soon as it will be out. Those of you with Node licenses, will have to purchase the new license.

拥有租赁许可证的所有人都将在出库后立即获得它。 那些拥有Node许可证的人必须购买新许可证。

Thank you for the feedback. I know it is not easy in arch-viz. I am sorry to hear about all the troubles you face.

感谢您的反馈。 我知道在Arch-viz中这并不容易。 很遗憾听到您遇到的所有麻烦。

I know it is not perfect, but if you decide to support the plugin, then it will make the future development more secure. We have things in a queue for 3.x and plans far beyond v3.

我知道它并不完美,但是如果您决定支持该插件,那么它将使将来的开发更加安全。 对于3.x,我们还有很多工作要做,并且计划远远超出v3。


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